Learn the product management secrets of Silicon Valley in 6 weeks

“Just knowing we were on the right track while trying to identify the biggest problem our potential customers have was very helpful. This course really makes it easy to discover customers who are already paying to solve the problem, and how to reach them.”
- Grace T.

Master Lean Product Management

Thinking about launching a new venture this year? Uncertain how to get started?

The Lean Product Management course is based on proven techniques utilized by hundreds of startups in Silicon Valley along with the world’s most innovative enterprises changing their industries.

Don’t waste another day building the wrong products or features. Ensure your products solve real problems, deliver on their value and delight your customers.

Key Questions

This course is built around 20+ actionable and ordered exercises that help you figure out:

Which customers are the best early adopters.

Which problem is worth solving extremely well for my customers.

What it’ll cost to find the best early adopters who are most likely to pay for my solution.

What message will my customers respond to and the channel where they can be reached at.

How to build my marketing strategy and determine the metrics to measure its success.

Teaching Methodology

Our course is taught by seasoned entrepreneurs using a flipped classroom methodology. In a flipped classroom, you learn the lecture materials by watching our recorded videos on your own time as well as completing the guided exercises while receiving continuous expert feedback. Class time is dedicated to reviewing the completed assignments and exercises to achieve meaningful results.

Learning Environment

Your dedicated learning environment allows you to learn on your own time while collaborating with your team.

Our Approach

We provide scheduled classes with full collaboration tools to enhance your learning experience. You’ll learn proven techniques that have been taught to successful new ventures at top startup accelerators such as Y-Combinator, TechStars and 500 Startups as well as large organizations like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook.

Work on YOUR product or service. No made up examples or case studies.

We will teach you how to talk to real customers.

Get feedback from our seasoned mentors on your work to accelerate your mastery.

Recorded lectures to work around your schedule, complimented by live course discussions.

Asynchronous feedback to enable you to work at your pace.

“Finding customers who are willing to pay for your solution even though it isn’t perfect made the difference in finding early success. The hands-on mentoring provided in this course has been invaluable in rethinking my approach, finding MY early adopters and generating revenues quickly. All of this will help me continue to evolve my product AND sell while doing it.”
- Mariam H.

Your Course Instructors

Stephen White coaches entrepreneurs and new product teams on business modeling, new product development, and marketing strategy. He has been an Entrepreneur in Residence at the Houston Technology Center and a startup advisor for SXSW Accelerator, HATCHpitch, Texas A&M’s Center for New Ventures & Entrepreneurship, and University of Houston’s REDlabs. He’s been founding team member of four startups, developed new business offerings as an intra-preneur, and founded a short-term lay mission program serving indigenous communities in the highlands of Guatemala.

Shafique Pappa is a founding team member of seven companies in the technology, medical and food industries. He has over 25 years experience in new business development and product management for early stage, growing companies. He’s led up to 200 person teams, grown product lines to $30 Million in sales and raised outside funding for his new ventures. He’s been an advisor to award-winning startups developing new products related to 3-D printing, Internet of Things “IoT” devices, and health foods. Shafique is a sought after mentor due to his patience, encouragement and actionable feedback.

Course Timeline

Name Type Duration
Week 1: Customer Discovery
Who are my first customers? Lecture 15 Minutes
When launching your new venture, your first worry is finding those first paying customers, instead of building products.
My goal statement Assignment 45 minutes
Document your success target now so that you know you’re achieving meaningful milestones and keeps you motivated.
Passionate problems Assignment 60 minutes
Identify problems worth solving regardless if you already have an idea for a product or not.
Customer spotting Assignment 75 Minutes
Define who may be your customers and their roles by knowing how you relate to them.
Customer segmentation Assignment 60 Minutes
Learn how to know an Early Adopters from a later stage customer and how you’ll find them easily.
Segment prioritizing Assignment 45 minutes
Calculate which Early Adopters are the best ones to reach first and know why.
Customer discovery Presentation 90 minutes
Course instructors provide live mastery feedback on your weekly results alongside peer-based analysis.

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